Appellate Practice

Even judges and juries sometimes make errors. If a jury finds you guilty, a family law court unfairly divides your marital property , or a civil court rules against you, you have the right to appeal the decision.
Anne Medlin Lowe knows what it takes to win on appeal, with the experience to navigate the appellate procedural rules and the knowledge to offer concise, thoughtful arguments on your behalf. She worked on dozens of appeals as a judicial clerk with the Indiana Court of Appeals and has successfully handled numerous appeals in private practice.
As your appellate lawyer, Anne will analyze the trial record to pinpoint the strongest legal arguments to raise in your appeal, research and draft an appellate brief, take care of filings with the appellate clerk, and present oral argument.
Criminal Appeals. Anne will scrutinize every aspect of the trial record in search of potential grounds for an appeal of your conviction and/or sentence.
Civil Appeals. Whether you seek to overturn an ruling against you or defend a favorable ruling, Anne will carefully examine your case to determine the most effective legal strategy for success on appeal.
Family Law Appeals.
Decisions in family court aren't just about dollars and cents--they're also about time with children and resources to support those children. Whether you want to challenge an adverse ruling or uphold an advantageous one, Anne will advocate for a fair resolution of your family law matters.
Co-counsel and consulting with trial counsel. Appellate work is a niche practice and, often, trial attorneys have neither the time nor the inclination to handle this type of work. That's where Anne comes in. She is available as a consultant or as co-counsel to give you as much or as little assistance as you need to take on your client's appeal.
Major motions.
In addition to representation before Indiana's appellate courts, Anne also assists trial attorneys with major substantive motions and with the identification of potential appellate challenges during trial litigation.

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