Collections Law

Fugate Gangstad offers a wide range of collections law services to our individual, family and business clients.  We help our clients in need negotiate settlements and ensure our clients that are owed money act swiftly to secure debts owed to them and recover the maximum amount allowable under their contracts and state laws.  


While we recognize that defending debt collection actions often is an emotional experience, we take emotion out of the process and try to secure the best deal for our clients to provide them peace of mind as they move forward.  We also ensure that all actions are taken to remove any settled debt collection matter from credit reports as quickly as possible.  


We recognize that neither the debtor or the person or company that is owed money anticipated being in this position and treat all parties with the utmost respect.  Often our clients will work with the other party again in the future and we work hard to preserve the relationship on behalf of our clients.  

We offer our collection services through traditional hourly fee agreements, capped hourly agreements, flat fee agreements, and contingency agreements.  

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