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Preserve Your Business Interruption Insurance Claim by Filing Your Claim

Many small business owners have been told by the media, their friends, and possibly thier insurance agents that thier standard business interruption policies do not cover the damages done by Covid-19 and the associated closures. However, there is pressure from society and the government on insurance companies to cover these losses. If you have a business interruption insurance policy it is certainly in your best interest to ignore the advice of those around you and file a claim. This 10-30 minute may be the difference between your business surviving and thriving or failing.

All insurance policies have limitations on when and how to file a claim, and it is time for all small business owners to dust off those policies (or talk with their reputable agent) to determine how to file those policies. Some may have a 30-day window to file the claim which means time is of the essence. The failure to file your claim will give your insurance company one more arrow in its arsenal of reasons not to reimburse you for your losses in the future. It is also imperative that you detail all steps you have taken to mitigate your losses, such as filing for the PPP and EIDL loans among others. If you want or need any help reviewing your policy please contact Craig Fugate at or 317-796-4322.

Below is an article describing the legal issues regarding the government's efforts to enforce the claims and your rights as an insured. The only thing that is 100% certain is that you will be in a better position if you file your claim and it is rejected than you would be if you fail to file your claim in a timely fashion and in the correct manner.

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